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Have you ever thought how would you sound in Chinese, Spanish or Thai for example? Any foreign language, for instance, is often related to meeting warm people and becoming more open-minded. This is because once you learn a language you also learn the fabulous things new culture can bring to your life. That’s the main reason I’ve started to learn foreign language one day and that’s the main reason I continue to do it every day. Not to mention becoming more competitive in our today’s job market of course!

One more fact, I’m a real travel lover. And I’m inexpressibly grateful for that knowledge of the language that gifted me new horizons of my life’s opportunities. To study in the United States, to travel around Southeast Asia and some other countries, to build life-long friendships with incredibly interesting people. Sure, you would tend to agree it’s rather hard to do all of this without knowing a foreign language. By the way, planning my next trip around the Europe, who’s gonna come with me, guys?

After I finished my university, I moved to China, so now surrounded by the native speakers I’m trying to do my best to improve my Chinese up to advanced level, of course not forgetting about practicing my English. Moreover, I speak basic French since my school times, thus I’m also going to make it fluent one day. It’s the first thing after Chinese in my “To Learn List”!

Like so learning foreign language showed me the door that was waiting to be opened. Here abroad I earn good money; I have easy ways to move forward in exploring new countries wherever I want to go; I “devour” (at exact meaning of this word) knowledge and experience from experts and finally it’s just a delightful pleasure for me to be here right now!

So, luck to me in my future beginnings and of course luck to you in being persistent, hard-working and what’s more important – being bilingual.


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